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Some Thoughts on Commitment.

14 Dec

I love planning.  to a fault.  Give me a destination and a guidebook and I will ensure it’s the best damn trip you have ever been on, equipped with time fillers that match your personality.  I’m good.  Some say good, some say wound too tightly.  But I live life pretty fully, letting go (sometimes) when I need to.

That said, as 2011 approaches, I will inevitably begin to think through my plans for 2011.  (See blog about recent obsession with planning way more than what I am wearing to school tomorrow.)  I pretty regularly create new years resolutions, but I can’t say that (in the language of my work place) they are always “useful.”  So, for now I brainstorm.  Perhaps I will revisit and see if I can make baby steps to committing to these in a creative and “useful” way.  Kind of like training for a marathon.  (Between you and me, I have never been the best at implementing my training plans.  I flounder through the training and just show up on race day.)  Anyways, for now, these are simply the things I’d like to see more of in my life.

– I’d like to learn adobe photoshop and take more everyday, photojournalistic type pics.

– I promised my friend Cindy that I’d learn the ukulele in time for merlefest (may).

– I’d like to complete more than 1/2 a sketch of jake and more than 1/2 a painting of my engagement ring.

– I’d like to keep my thoughts fresh and alive by writing them (blog, journal, whatev).

– I’d like to adventure (in Memphis or beyond), but that typically works itself out.

– I’d like to live out the vision of the book of James – living out my faith in action.

– I’d like to learn to love Joe in new and creative ways.  He is so handsome.

– I’d like to take a stab at developing some characters in the book I want to write.

– I’d like to become a DJ on WEVL, but that has actually become a figment of my imagination, so I’d like to let go of the idea instead.

– I’d like to save my money.

I’m Going To Graceland…

14 Dec

I’m going to in Graceland.  It’s time to celebrate our almost-year of being in the land where fiddles and saxophones and slide guitars come alive.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 mojo cd.

1. I’m Going to Memphis Johnny Cash Moving to Memphis – 2/10
2. The Ghost Inside Broken Bells Midtown Memphis
3. A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley San Diego, California – 9/10
4. Land of Dreams Langhorne Slim Zion National Park, Utah – 10/10
5. Savoir Faire Suga City Oxford, MS – 4/10
6. England The National Epic Roadtrips from Georgia to Missouri
7. A Perfect Hand Fatboy Slim, David Byrne, Steve Earle Las Vegas, Nevada – 10/10
8. Die Young Sweet Serenades St. Jude Half Marathon – Memphis, TN – 12/10
9. Roll Away Your Stone Mumford & Sons Live – Terminal B – New York, NY – 11/15/10
10. Mlle. Chatte Harlan T. Bobo Local Memphian
11. 40 Day Dream Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Live – Minglewood Hall – Memphis TN – 7/8/10
12. Hit ‘Em Up Style Carolina Chocolate Drops Merlefest – Wilkesboro, NC – 5/10
13. I Need a Dollar Aloe Blacc Buying our First Home – 5/10
14. One More Night in Brooklyn Justin Townes Earle Live – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL – 9/19/10
15. No Handlebars Skewby Local Memphian
16. So Sleepy Fiona Apple & the Punch Brothers Hnedak Bobo, The New Teacher Project, Fat Cow, University of Memphis
17. Daydreaming Dark Dark Dark 89.9 WEVL
18. Oh Mississippi Lissie Kitchen Window View
19. Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright “Lucky Heart – Thank you for our blessings”
20. Harlem River Blues Justin Townes Earle Beale Street


14 Dec

They do come and go.  I would trade my right arm for endless nights when the sun doesn’t set until 9 pm.  But as I dash home to preemptively throw on my pajamas eat chili and snuggle in for the night, I am reminded of a few of the reasons I welcome winter’s chill.

Ironically, my blogging tendencies have their own seasons.  And now in the blustery season of rushing in from the cold and lacking motivation to do anything active, I draw back to my hobbies that allow my quilt to remain in my lap and my outside-of-the-home commitments to remain few.  My blogging is like running.  Unless I am committed with an end goal (race) in site, I can’t say I will remain too committed.

I have come to embrace these seasons.  So here I am blogging (yes, yet again) but with no intended audience, no intended story, no attempts to be loved or noticed in the blogging world.  Recently there’s been many a thought on my mind.  Many a thought to consider.  Perhaps it’s Christmas, perhaps it’s the anticipation of a new year with new resolutions, and yet perhaps it’s the solitude that this winter chill can bring.  But I do know that life is sweeter when it’s stopped to be considered.