Safety Patrol

20 Feb

Townes: can I go to playground?

Momma: yes, do you want to take off your helmet?

Townes: I need it for protection in case I fall off of something. 


22 Jan

Today we walked with neighbors, strangers, friends, and family. We walked with widows, mothers, sisters, orphans, young and old. I chose to show up. To be present in a sea of women who demand respect. The road is long. We have a duty and an obligation to support one another. Love our neighbors. Fight and defend one another, particularly the disenfranchised.  Radically share in our neighbors’ turmoil and troubles. 

I want my little girl to experience a world where she is given more dignity and respect than I have, than my grandmothers had. Should she want to, I want her to breastfeed, to work, to lead, to be accepted, to be respected. I want her to see diversity and accept it. I want her diversity to be seen and accepted. I want her to see all people as her equal. And I want others to see her as their equal. 

I come from a long line of strong women. Widows, singles, parents, childless, married, single. Single mother raising 4 girls on a farm in the depression. Substance abuse. Hard times. I am proud of that which is in our blood to make us strong. We are a strong breed. Have always been so. So we fight the good fight. For ourselves, for others. 


It’s getting real. 

22 Jan

Godzilla came to the tea party and this was the result. Bobby pulled out a handful of Bessie’s hair. 

Watch out world. 

22 Jan

I’m not a master builder. 

22 Jan

Exasperated after Baby Guy just destroyed his Lego creation and discouraged at the thought of trying to rebuild it. 

Joe: Townes, you can do it. You’re a master builder!

Townes: I can’t. I’m NOT a master builder. 

Momma: Then what are you?

Townes: I’m just a little kid. 

It’s not whining…

21 Jan

…it’s my breath making funny noises. 

– Townes 


17 Jan

Townes: Do you know what it’s called when you clean up your toys when no one is looking?